A Worthwhile Investment For Filmmakers

9As time goes on, the possibility of making your own movies has become something that is within the reach of most of us – even if without the backing of the major studios, you may lack something in terms of budget for stunts, actors and locations. Furthermore it does mean that some films are made by people who would never have got the funding from a studio based on their talent; and as a result, the making of some movies that perhaps would have been better never being made.

A home theater is something that can help any budding Hitchcock. A cursory browse of YouTube will show that people are making films using their cell phones, webcams or other similarly low-powered equipment – and while these films may have some charm within the confines of YouTube it is hard to make them fly any further than that. With a home theater it is possible to watch your own creations as they are being made and see them as you hope they will one day be seen – in glorious technicolor.

It is a fact that some films lose a little impact when they are released on DVD because, when watched on a normal TV screen, they lose something of what the director intended. On a home theater screen you can see more, and with the right system you can hear more. This allows the budding director/producer to make something more involved and innovative, and has to be a good thing for the world of film.

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