Plug and Play or Mix and Match?

5It is undoubtedly true that people who buy home theater equipment have different needs and different levels of knowledge for the products that they are buying. As with many other things, you can pay for a package deal which only requires you to put the finishing touches in place, or you can go for component parts and put them together yourself. It’s like buying ready made lasagne or the pasta sheets, ground beef, tomatoes, cheese and sauce ingredients. You may be paying for convenience, but what are you losing in the process?

It is possible these days to buy a home theater in a box which, depending on the package you buy may well include hardware such as a DVD player and even the TV and other players that you want. What you are paying for here is the simplicity of being able to plug and play, but what you might lose is the technical perfection that could be achieved by looking for the best parts and putting them together yourself. In the end, mixing and matching your way might end up costing more than the convenient way, but you set the ceiling yourself.

If you simply want a system that can and will play movies, music and other add-ons of your specification, then buying the kit in a box might be the soundest option. If, however, you want something that conforms to your tastes perfectly it is always going to be better to research your needs and put things together yourself.

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