A Sense Of Occasion

15Many people have made the mistake of diving headlong into buying the latest piece of gadgetry before they know what they really want to do with it. This has resulted in many people buying digital music playing systems and only having three or four songs to play on them, buying e-readers and not having any books downloaded, and having a DVD player but only a promotional DVD from the front of a magazine to preview the equipment. If you are putting together a home theater, it is a good idea to know what you’re going to show on it, and have that in place.

Think of the following picture: you get the component parts of your home theater together and you go through a laborious installation process. You put the final wire into the final socket, turn everything on and then realise – “All I have to watch on this is the news – or one of those DVDs I have already watched a million times.”. This is the fate that may await people who buy a 3D TV based on the preview they saw of one showing the latest Hollywood blockbuster, unaware that that movie is not commercially available in 3D.

You need to give the grand unveiling a sense of purpose, and perhaps buy a few DVDs in advance that will really show what the system can do. The last thing you want when you have put time and money into putting together an entertainment system is a sense of anti-climax and scattered comments about how “weathery” the weather forecast looks on a giant screen.

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